Friday, July 29, 2011

Love for The Last Witness

Many thanks to Robert Carraher for the love he gives to The Last Witness in this review on

Here's part of what Rob has to say.

With prose that is as precise as the workings of a slot machine and dialog that is quick, biting, hardboiled and smart, Joel Goldman has crafted a masterpiece in this, the second Lou Mason book. The pace is unrelenting, the plot perfect as it twists through the frozen streets. The characters are realistic and excellently developed, and the story will pull you in like a gambling addiction. I warn you, don’t miss this book, newly rereleased in eBook format. But if you do get it you might as well preorder Cold Truth, the third book in the series.

Only my false modesty prevents me from including more. For that, you'll have to read the entire review!

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