Wednesday, July 13, 2011

I Didn't Know That!

Amazon isn't the only place you can buy Motion To Kill, the first ebook in my Lou Mason series.

Motion To Kill is also available as an ebook on and Smashwords.

Want to hold the book in your hand, turn the pages and put it on your nightstand, hoping you can get to sleep without finishing it? Who can blame you? So get the trade paperback edition on Amazon!

And get ready for the second book in the series, The Last Witness! The ebook and POD editions are coming soon! What's it about? Well....

Lou Mason is back and this time it's personal when his surrogate father, Homicide detective Harry Ryman, arrests his best friend, Wilson "Blues" Bluestone, Jr. for murder! Mason unearths secrets someone will do anything to keep as he closes in on a desperate killer, setting himself up as the next target!

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