Monday, July 11, 2011

Fire In The Sky

I'm thrilled to announce the release of my Amazon Single, Fire In The Sky. Hope you love it!

Two teenage boys on the make, looking for love and a quick score, cross paths with a desperate woman on the run. A blazing inferno and a shootout change their lives forever in Fire In the Sky!

Here's what reviewers are saying.

"Fire In The Sky", Joel Goldman's Depression era tale intertwines stories of love, luck, larceny and hope centered around a hauntingly beautiful girl who appears every night in a pageant set in a park fountain.
D.H. Williams "CluesSister"

"Fire In The Sky" by Joel Goldman is a very nice period piece that's flawlessly written. You get much of the same richness you'd find in a novel in this short story.
David M. North-Martino

"Fire In The Sky" by Joel Goldman - a quick Depression era tale that almost feels like a Bonnie and Clyde origin story
Mike Donohue

"Fire In The Sky" by Joel Goldman. A great story about a small town, with a twist, of course.
Jamie Anastasiow

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