Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Dog Days

These are our dogs, Roxy and Ruby, cockapoo sisters born on Valentine's Day. Roxy is the white one on the right smiling for the camera. Ruby isn't smiling because she doesn't have to. She's the boss.

Last night, Roxy was sleeping peacefully in the dog bed on our den floor. Ruby decided she wanted Roxy out of the bed. She sat next to the bed, staring at Roxy, not making a sound, until her silent "get-your-dog-butt-out-of-the-bed" vibe woke Roxy who, reluctantly but obediently, made way for her sister.

No words, growls or barks were exchanged. No threats or promises were made and no shots were fired. Each knew their place. Not a bad world for the two of them. Although, were it me, I'd rather be Ruby than Roxy.

You'll find them in my series featuring former FBI Special Agent Jack Davis, beginning with SHAKEDOWN and continuing in THE DEAD MAN and NO WAY OUT because a book without a dog is like a day without sunshine.

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